Note from Sgt Larry and the Souljers

Hey Everyone.   It is finally here!  Our CD "COWBOY" is due to be released Thursday, January 29, 2015.  It is available now on CD, only by using the "COWBOY"  order button on our Homepage.  I will try to have the MP3 Download set up by Thursday.



Dave Straub July 11, 2014 @08:49 am

Larry: Thanks for stopping by the other day (Hickory Hills Drive). You've passed my Vietnam Vet flag which I proudly wave - and have since I bought our home at Bradshaw Farm in April / 2012. I listened with tears, flashbacks, and flooded memories to the entire CD, and had my wife listen to selected cuts; those parts she had heard come from me, rather than you a thousand times over nearly 50 years. I'd like to know more about your site (haven't gotten past this comment section yet) and become involved if that's an option. Welcome Home Brother - and what a fantastic way to chronicle your memories in a unique mixed media. This is very special, and you can bet I'll be spreading the word. Dave

Jeanne Dieffenbach July 02, 2014 @09:23 am

Sgt. LArry and the gang: I listened to your Opera twice, and was so moved.All the songs are incredible,and the narration really kicks the CD into the FANTASTIC category! I hope thousands of people listen to it, and buy it! God Bless You all. And thank you. I know many Viet Nam vets, and when they speak of the tragedies, which is rare, I am always shocked they have survived as well as they have. I would certainly have crumbled. Thank you for delivering this project to the world!

Dianne Wood Halloran May 29, 2014 @09:47 am

What a great show!! I told my son who is a vet about it. He is a member of the American Legion in Savannah, and wants to know more about your show. I'll mail him your flier with this web site so he can learn more. Thanks for all you did and do for our country.

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